Chairman’s Message


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Gurukul Takshshila. Gurukul Takshshila has institutionalized ‘Share and Serve’ as its core values for a continued search for knowledge, and share the received wisdom with the society to serve mankind. Every marble piece has, certain unwanted parts, needing to be chiseled out by its maker, before being sculpted into a beautiful statue. Gurukul Takshshila is in the pursuit of this noble mission to help mold blossoming minds. Our pupils are articulate, happy, and engaged.

True to our Gurukul’s foundation students are encouraged to use their imagination, to think creatively, to explore the world around them, and to strive for excellence. Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self-discovery process. Students at Gurukul Takshshila are benefitted from excellent facilities and a tremendous range of extracurricular, cultural, and sporting activities as well as Vedic rituals. We have diligently developed our academic philosophy by laying great emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge, its application, and skills to help in its dissemination. Our underlying philosophy is to create new benchmarks by incorporating new initiatives in the arena of education through modern and innovative teaching and learning methodologies. Gurukul Takshshila knows no bounds in knowledge and realizes the margin fades forever and ever as it moves. But within its boundaries, the disseminated knowledge embodies the spirit of inquiry, research, and quality. Our search is incessant, our service is ceaseless. Imparting knowledge, enhancing wisdom, and creating distinctive individuals is our pursuit.

Today we stand on the threshold of a new era – an era empowered by ‘knowledge economy. Even as we prepare to ride the waves of change, our foundations are built on solid rock, firmly anchored on strong life principles. Gurukul Takshshila prides itself in not only being an institution imparting life’s latest know-how but also instilling human core values. May  God bless you. May His mighty hand guide you in all your endeavors.

Mr. Rishipal Gahlot.
The Chairman.