Particulars IV-V VI-VIII IX-XII
Amount (INR) Amount (INR) Amount (INR)
Total Annual Payable ————– —————– —————-


: – 376005001644
IFSC : – ICIC0003760


इस फीस में सभी प्रकार के शुल्क शामिल हैं। जैसे बुक-सेट (संबंधित कक्षा के लिए निर्धारित बुक्स- सेट)। गुरुकुल वर्दी;- (नीचे दी गई सारणी के अनुसार), प्रतियोगिता कक्षा शुल्क, जैसे; IIT, JEE, NEET, NDA, UPSC foundation)।गुरुकुल तक्षशिला दी गई फीस के अलावा किसी भी अन्य शुल्क के लिए बाध्य या डिमांड नहीं करता।

This fee includes all types of charges, such as book-set (prescribed for the concerned class). Gurukul Uniform;- (details of uniform is given below ), Competition Classes fee, such as (IIT, JEE, NEET, NDA, UPSC (foundation). Gurukul Takshshila does not demand any other charges or fee than the stated fees.

  • School Fee Terms:-
    Fee deposit option (Please select the right option to pay the annual fee of your ward)
  • Lump-sum (In advance fee payment option, you will entitle to a one-month tuition fee will be exempted)
  • Installments fee payment option: – Two (half month’s tuition fee will be exempted), Three/ four.
  • Monthly fee payment option (If you opted monthly fee payment option due date is the 10th of every month)
    (Note: – Due more than required period does matter of fine Rs 100/- per day)
  • Gurukul Takshshila’s fee concession policy will be applicable on tuition fees and children must have blood relation For any fee concession claim; In the case of two children (blood relation) from the same parents, the second child’s Quarterly (three months) tuition fee will be waived. In the case of three children from the same parents, the half-yearly tuition fee of the third child will be waived.
  • No request will be entrained except than prescribe concession.
  • If for any reason the admission has to be cancelled, the fee will be refunded as per the fee procedure of Gurukul Takshshila. Once the admission is done, after deducting the admission fee, three months tuition fee, one month mess fee, one month hostel fee, the remaining amount will be deposited back into the bank account (books and uniform of Gurukul will be used once can’t t be returned).

School Uniform (Provided by Gurukul Takshshila)

Particulars No. Pair
Shirt (Full Sleeves + Half Sleeves) 2+2
Track Suit 2 Pair
T-Shirt and Trouser (House) 2 pair
Sweater (Half Sleeves) 2 Pair
Blazer 1 pair
Kurta Pajama (White) 1 Pair
socks (school uniform) 6 Pair
Sando Sets  3 Pair